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Although your Florida luxury home may have served you well for many years, there might be no time like the present to list your deluxe residence. Luxury houses in Orlando, Tampa Bay and other Sunshine State cities and towns are in high demand. As such, now may prove to be an ideal time to list your Florida luxury home and maximize your home sale earnings.

Ultimately, there are many reasons to add your Florida luxury residence to the real estate market today, and these include:

1. You can reap the benefits of a quick, seamless home selling experience.

Selling a Florida luxury residence can be simple, regardless of whether your house is located in Fort Lauderdale, Miami or elsewhere in the Sunshine State. And if you plan ahead for the home selling journey, you should have no trouble achieving your desired results.

Updating your Florida luxury house's exterior, for example, can make a world of difference in the eyes of homebuyers. If your Florida luxury residence boasts a stunning garden, spacious driveway or other awe-inspiring exterior features, you may be better equipped than other sellers to enjoy a fast, profitable home selling experience.

2. You can find a new house that matches your lifestyle.

A Florida luxury house initially suited your lifestyle perfectly. But over time, things can change. And if you list your Sunshine State luxury residence, you can reenter the housing market and find a new home that meets or surpasses your expectations.

There is no shortage of high-quality residences available in Jacksonville, St. Augustine and other Florida cities and towns. For instance, if you want to find a new luxury residence close to family members and friends in South Beach, you can kick off a home search in this area right away. Or, if you would prefer to move into a smaller home in your current city or town, the Florida real estate market offers many opportunities for you to do just that.

3. You can receive expert support throughout the home selling journey.

If you want to sell your Florida luxury house but have no idea about what to do, there is no need to stress. In fact, you can hire a real estate agent who possesses Sunshine State luxury housing market expertise to help you simplify the home selling journey.

Typically, a real estate agent will meet with you and help you establish realistic expectations for the Florida luxury home selling journey. If you are interested in selling your luxury home in Lake Worth, for instance, a real estate agent will help you create an effective strategy to promote your residence to buyers in this city. Comparatively, if you want to sell your Boca Raton luxury home as quickly as possible, a real estate agent will work with you to help you accomplish the optimal results.

Take the guesswork out of selling your Florida luxury home – collaborate with a Sunshine State real estate agent, and you can enjoy a successful home selling experience.

For those who enjoy the thrill of riding roller coasters or the serenity of sitting at the top of a Ferris wheel, Florida is a can't-miss destination. In fact, luxury homes are available near some of the top Florida amusement parks, such as:

1. Disney World

The home of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and other unforgettable Disney characters, Disney World brings magic to life.

Located in Orlando, Disney World is the world's premier family vacation destination. It offers dozens of fun, exciting rides and attractions, along with assorted parks that guests of all ages can enjoy.

Of course, if you own a luxury home near Orlando, you'll live just minutes from Disney World. And as a result, you should have no trouble exploring all that Disney World has to offer, any time you choose.

2. Legoland

Kids and adults who enjoy constructing Lego environments are sure to appreciate Legoland, a one-of-a-kind, Lego-inspired amusement park in Winter Haven.

Legoland is a thrill-seeker's dream come true, as it features massive roller coasters, water rides and much more.

In addition, Legoland is less than an hour outside of Tampa and Orlando. This means if you purchase a luxury home in the Tampa or Orlando area, you won't be too far from Legoland.

3. Busch Gardens

A Tampa favorite, Busch Gardens offers world-class shows, animal experiences and rides galore.

Busch Gardens boasts 335 acres of land, all of which are filled with rides and attractions. Plus, Busch Gardens hosts special events throughout the year, guaranteeing that guests can enjoy unparalleled experiences whenever they visit.

When it comes to getting to Busch Gardens, there may be no better choice than purchasing a luxury home near the amusement park. That way, you can reap the benefits of owning a deluxe Sunshine State residence that makes it easy to travel to Busch Gardens at your convenience.

Florida may be best-known for its majestic beaches and beautiful weather, but the state's amusement parks also provide plenty of reasons to settle down in the area. Furthermore, the broad array of luxury homes available in Florida ensures that you can instantly discover a top-notch house near any of the aforementioned amusement parks.

Lastly, if you need help searching for a luxury home in the Sunshine State, you should reach out to a local real estate agent.

A real estate agent helps luxury homebuyers streamline the process of acquiring a first-rate residence. This housing market professional will set up luxury home showings and keep luxury homebuyers up to date about new residences as they become available. Perhaps best of all, a real estate agent works for you and will do everything possible to help you minimize stress throughout the homebuying journey.

Don't leave anything to chance as you kick off your search for a Florida luxury home near one of the state's top amusement parks. Contact a real estate agent today, and you can begin your search for the perfect Sunshine State luxury home.


When you live in the Florida sunshine, you need the luxury to go along with it. As technology gets better, so too does luxury living. It’s all about lifestyle under the palm trees. The more luxury amenities a Florida home has, the higher its value. These homes are seen as a premium in the Florida real estate markets. Here, we’ll look at some of the most desirable Florida luxury home features.

A Smart Home Is A Happy Home

Sellers are super smart to have “smart” homes. New technologies allow homeowners to control the inner workings of their house from anywhere in the world. With a smartphone, a homeowner can control everything from the heating and cooling system to the door locks and the watering of the lawn. The smart home is the ultimate convenience and a sure sign of luxury. 

Outdoor Living

If you live in Florida, you’re going to spend a great deal of time outdoors. Consider the following features in your Florida luxury home:

  • Outdoor kitchen
  • Firepit
  • Easy access to the outdoors from the house
  • Sliding doors
  • Outdoor seating area

The living space should be both indoors and out in a Florida luxury home. Think of the entire property as a continuous living space. 

Entertainment Options

Luxury homes in Florida have a variety of entertainment options including in-home movie theaters, game room, basketball courts, and more. Some homeowners even choose to have their sports bar right in the house. Use your imagination and a luxury home in Florida probably has it.   

Home Gym

It’s nice not to have to leave your house to go to the gym. That’s why luxury homes have gyms built into them, complete with wall mounted flat screen TVs. Whatever workout equipment is essential will b present in the home gym. 

A Stocked Kitchen

A luxury home should have a gourmet kitchen. That means the kitchen is complete with warming drawers, a wine refrigerator, the highest quality appliances, and a walk-in pantry. 

An Out Of The Ordinary Bathroom

Bathrooms in luxury homes include everything you'd find in a spa including heated toilets, steam showers, heated floors, and towel warmers. These bathrooms also include natural elements to make it homey like wood and stone. Some luxury bathrooms will even add a fireplace. 

Luxury homes provide an escape from the outside world. The ironic thing is that luxury homes offer so many amenities that there’s little need to leave them! All of the above features will help to sell a Florida luxury home quickly.      


The Florida luxury housing market provides many opportunities, particularly for homebuyers who plan ahead. Regardless of whether you intend to purchase a luxury house in Miami, Tampa Bay or elsewhere in the Sunshine State, setting realistic expectations for the Florida luxury housing market can help you achieve your desired results in no time at all.

Ultimately, there are many factors to consider before you embark on a Florida luxury home search, and these include:

1. Where You Want to Live

The luxury houses in Fort Lauderdale are very different from those available in Jacksonville. Much in the same vein, the luxury houses near Disney World may offer different amenities than the luxury homes available in Gainesville. As such, you should consider where you want to live and what you want from your ideal Florida luxury house to streamline your luxury home search.

If you know where you want to reside in Florida, you can tailor your luxury house search accordingly. Furthermore, narrowing your home search to specific Florida cities and towns may help you quickly acquire your ideal luxury home.

2. The Finances at Your Disposal

You know that you want to buy a Florida luxury house, but you still have no idea how much you can afford to spend on a top-notch residence. Fortunately, if you meet with a bank or credit union before you kick off your Sunshine State luxury home search, you can enter the luxury housing market with a budget in hand.

Typically, a bank or credit union will outline all of the jumbo mortgage options at your disposal. And if you want to purchase a luxury residence in Orlando, St. Augustine or any other Florida city or town, a lender will help you get the ideal jumbo mortgage based on your financial situation.

3. How Quickly You Want to Purchase a Luxury House

Buying a Florida luxury home should be a quick, easy process. Yet homebuying hurdles may arise that prevent you from acquiring your dream Sunshine State luxury home on your timeline.

If you prepare for the Florida luxury homebuying journey, you can reduce the risk of encountering potentially expensive and time-consuming hurdles along the way. In fact, if you collaborate with a real estate agent who possesses Florida luxury housing market expertise, you may be better equipped than ever before to enjoy a fast, successful homebuying experience.

An expert real estate agent will learn about your Florida luxury homebuying goals. Next, this housing market professional can teach you about the local real estate sector and ensure you can accomplish the best-possible results.

Let's not forget about the support that a real estate agent can provide once you enter the Florida luxury housing market too. This housing market professional can help you pursue luxury residences that match or exceed your expectations, as well as submit a competitive offer on any luxury residence, in any Florida city or town.

Take the guesswork out of pursuing a Florida luxury house – consider the aforementioned factors, and you can boost your chances of enjoying an unforgettable homebuying experience.