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Aromatic oils have been used for millennia by cultures like the ancient Greeks and Egyptians for use in medicines and ointments. And, to this day, many of us use products containing essential oils, such as perfumes, shampoo, cleaning supplies, and even the food we eat.

More recently, essential oils have become a popular DIY ingredient for household items. In this post, I’m going to share with you some of the many household uses for essential oils and break down which oils are suited for each purpose.

Read on for tips on using essential oils in your home.

Oil diffusers

Perhaps the most common use for essential oils is in an oil diffuser that emits an aromatic steam into the air of your home. Oil diffusers are great for a desktop that you work by, particularly in the winter time when the air tends to be dry. This mist can help mitigate the effects of dry air on your throat and nasal passage, and emit a pleasant air freshening odor into the room.

There are several oils and oil blends that are used in oil diffusers. Some of the most common oils used are lavender, peppermint, and several citrus-scents like lemon, bergamot, and wild orange.

When using an oil diffuser, be sure to use only a few drops of the oil--using too much can become easily overpowering and even irritating to the skin, nose, and eyes.

Room mists

Many top-brand air fresheners use essential oils as part of their ingredients. However, they also contain a number of other additives that you might not enjoy. Essential oils give you the ability to create a blend that works for you.

Combine water with a few drops of essential oils into a spray bottle for a refreshing room mist. This solution can even be used on most fabrics--however, just like with an oil diffuser, make sure you don’t put too many drops of essential oils in your solution to protect your fabrics.

Cleaning solutions

Cleaning supplies can get expensive very quickly. Fortunately, the ingredients to make a simple all-purpose cleaner are cheap and can make over a gallon of solution that you can keep refilling as needed.

Vinegar and water-based cleaning solutions often incorporate a few drops of essential oils like peppermint, lemon, and other fresh, “clean” smelling scents.

The best part? These solutions are made from non-toxic ingredients that can typically be used on your countertops, inside microwaves, and on other surfaces that food may come into contact with.

A quick warning: essential oils are made by distilling vast amounts of plant material into very concentrated oils. This means that the oils are exponentially more potent than their plant counterparts. Overuse can easily cause rashes and irritation, so use sparingly, avoid contact with your eyes when working with oils, and always read instructions before use.

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If you intend to sell your Florida condo, there is no need to stress. Regardless of whether you plan to list a condo in Miami, Fort Lauderdale or elsewhere in the Sunshine State, it can be simple to navigate the condo selling journey.

Now, let's take a look at three tips to ensure that you can list your Florida condo and achieve the best-possible results.

1. Differentiate Your Condo from the Competition

Although you may have dedicated substantial time and resources to keep your condo looking great, additional help may be needed to further enhance your property's appearance. Fortunately, a condo inspection enables you to identify any underlying problems and address such issues before you add your condo to the real estate market.

During a condo inspection, a property expert will examine your condo both inside and out. Then, this property expert will provide you with an inspection report that details his or her findings. Use the inspection report findings to learn about your condo's strengths and weaknesses. That way, you can prioritize various condo improvements.

Of course, before you perform major condo upgrades, consult with your condo association. In addition to notifying your condo association that you plan to sell your condo, you may want to let this association know that you intend to perform substantial condo updates so that you can maintain compliance with the organization's requirements.

2. Set a Competitive Initial Asking Price

The price of a South Beach condo is unlikely to match the price of a Jacksonville condo, even if both properties boast similar features. But if you complete a property appraisal, you may be better equipped than ever before to set a competitive initial asking price for your condo.

A property appraisal enables you to receive a condo valuation. Like a condo inspection, an appraisal may help you determine which property upgrades to complete as well.

Also, it is important to account for any condo fees when you price your condo. By doing so, you can help potential buyers understand all of the costs associated with owning a condo in your community.

3. Work with a Local Real Estate Agent

A real estate agent is a must-have, particularly for sellers who want to obtain the best offers for their Florida condos. In fact, with a real estate agent at your side, you can enjoy consistent support throughout the condo selling journey.

For instance, if you want to sell your Orlando condo, a real estate agent will help you promote your property to the right groups of buyers. Next, a real estate agent will set up home showings and open house events to showcase your property. And once a buyer submits an offer on your Orlando condo, a real estate agent will present the proposal to you and help you make an informed decision.

When it comes to selling a Florida condo, it pays to prepare. Take advantage of the aforementioned tips, and you can get ready to sell your Sunshine State condo.

Finding a new home that will meet your family's current and future needs requires a clear mental picture of what you want and your desired lifestyle.

While you may not be able to get every item on your new-house wish list, knowing your priorities is the first step to realizing your goals.

For many growing families, having a spacious eat-in kitchen is a high-priority. Here are a few reasons a large kitchen can enhance the enjoyment of your new home.

Entertaining guests: If you like to host holiday gatherings, birthday parties, and other celebrations at your home, a spacious kitchen lends itself to everything from food preparation and buffet setup to mingling with your party guests. Kitchens are a focal point of social gatherings, and can play a major role in the success or failure of your parties, dinners, and other events.

Increased efficiency: Without enough counter space and room to comfortably move around, meal preparation can turn into more of a chore than a pleasure. Ideally, there should be unobstructed paths between key work stations, including the stove and kitchen sink (You'll want to have a clear path when you're ready to drain cooked pasta or carry pots of water to the stove.) Generally, the more people you're serving, the more crucial it is to have plenty of space for working, staying organized, and keeping track of cooking times. Since food preparation is both an art and a science, it requires planning, proper execution, and the freedom to express your creativity.

Family harmony: There are at least two ways that ample kitchen space can contribute to harmonious family relationships. First of all, gathering in the kitchen at mealtime, every day, helps foster good communication between members of your family. When you're facing each other and sharing stories, plans, and concerns at the kitchen table, it's easier to know what's going on in the lives of your spouse and children. A roomy kitchen also helps keep the peace in your family. For example, when more than one person is getting a snack, making a meal, or cleaning up, having a little extra space can help keep family members from bumping into each other and feeling cramped. Conflicts sometimes arise, especially among siblings, when there's a shortage of personal space. On busy days when everyone is rushing in opposite directions, often at a hectic pace, having enough counter and floor space in the kitchen can help minimize drama and keep family traffic flowing smoothly.

Whether you're entertaining dinner guests or baking cookies for a school bake sale, the process is sure to go more smoothly when you have sufficient counter space and a work flow area that helps gets things done in the shortest period of time.


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